September 10, 2019

If you want to reinvigorate the flame of passion and bring some joy to yourself and your gf, you should seriously consider dabbling into some kinks. Even though some prudes might be trying to convince that all of those things are bad, there’s nothing bad about the things you like doing with your partner in your bed, provided that it’s consented.

Some of the best kinks to consider

First, you need to try out some of that steamy BDSM. Watch some videos with popular BDSM pornstars in them, browse online sexshops, read some posts. Losing control or having full control over your partner’s body – this is a very exhilarating and novel feeling!

Second, you can try asking your companion to buy up some of that sexy tight latex dresses you see in certain types of porn vids. Even if you don’t do BDSM per se, these can be a cool addition to your sex games.

Third, it might be the time to taste the much coveted threesome. Don’t be ashamed of thinking about another woman, we all do. Men need to have some kind of variety in their sex lives, without it they get bored and fed up.